What To Do When You Cannot Find A Job: 13 Tips


April 16, 2022

What To Do When You Cannot Find A Job: 13 Tips

Are you already feeling exhausted, finding a job? 

Well, it is the story of every beginner. If you are finding it a challenge to secure a job, even though you are giving your best. You need to change your approach a little. How would one do that? Or what to do when you can't find a job?

If you are asking yourself these questions lately, you are at the right place. In this article, you will become familiar with useful tips for finding and securing a job.

This article is structured as follows:

  • First of all, you will find how to identify the problem
  • Then, you will get to know the 13 tips to change your employment status to “Employed”

At the very first stage of finding a job, a lot of us are quite confident and optimistic that we would be welcomed with open arms in the particular field. However, that is not always the case. We face rejection, and the ultimate result of that is frustration and a state of disappointment. 

Instead of sitting back and doing nothing, you need to identify and eliminate the weak areas in the approach that you have been following. In this regard, seeking guidance from an authentic source is probably the first thing you would like to do.

Identifying The Problem

We would enlighten you with the tips that you can follow for finding a job. It is important that before doing anything about the problem, you should understand the reasons behind why you are still unemployed.

Let’s go through the common reasons why you can't find a job.

Not Applying For Enough Jobs

Narrow down your job research by being specific about your field. And then apply for every related job. It is unlikely for you to get and even find a job if you are applying for fewer jobs. Instead of this, you should apply for five or more jobs a day. 

High Standards

It is important that you know your worth and asks for salary and other such services accordingly. Fitting yourself into a dream role can result in being nowhere at all. There are various instances where people settle for less to ensure long-term success. You could do the same if required. 

Applying For An Easy And Convenient Position

It is the common practice among beginners to seek a job that feels like less of a challenge. That way, you could secure a job, but it is unlikely for you to gain long-term success out of it. That is why you should not hesitate to take challenges from the very begging of your professional career. 


Another common issue among individuals is overconfidence. It could stand as a hurdle between your success. An overconfident individual refuses to learn any additional skills. 

If you tend to believe that you are too good, you need to reconsider your thoughts. Learning new skills is never too late or too early. 

Here are 13 tips that will empower you to find your dream job quicker.

13 Tips To Implement When You Can't Find A Job

There could be various reasons that compelled you to seek answers for what to do when you can't find a job? You are;

  • Currently unemployed
  • Employed but want a better job
  • New in the professional field

No matter what category of individual you belong to, you would be able to find a job by following the tips that I am about to share. 

Let’s get started.

Do A Volunteer Job

Doing a volunteer job is probably the best thing you can do if you lack experience and cannot seem to find a job. You should do a volunteer job, not for money, but for personal growth. 

A volunteer job gives you an opportunity to implement your skills in innovative ways, without having to worry about being fired. If you didn’t have anything to support you in your profession, you would have after doing a volunteer job.

Relocate To A Place With More Opportunities

If you really wish to build your career, you need to take a step out of your comfort zone. Relocating to places with more opportunities can serve favorable for your career. According to the research, about 49.3% of people relocate for career opportunities. 

Let’s take an example of a civil engineer. By living in a less developed area like a small town, one cannot expect a civil engineer to succeed. That is because of a lack of construction there. In such a situation moving to the city would open gates for more opportunities, or it could be the complete opposite. You need to be wise enough to see things from a different perspective.

Use The Assistance Of A Career Coach

That tip is more specific to people who have been employed in a particular company for a longer period but are jobless now. Such an individual would indeed be experienced, but it becomes equally challenging for that individual to adjust to a new environment.

You narrow your job hunt to a specific field and completely ignore the fact that you could be capable of something new. In such circumstances, you should consult a career coach to have a different kind of opinion. According to research hiring a career coach worked for 99% of individuals. 

Give Yourself Time

Feeling exhausted or disappointed is the ultimate result of failure. However, that does not make you unqualified. You need to give yourself some time to rethink the situation and come up with a new plan. 
And not just that, but divert yourself by indulging in activities that relieve your mind of stress and anxiety. That way, you re-gain the required energy and motivation. 

Update Your Resume

Many companies are switching to ATS. This means that your resume is now screened by software before it reaches a human. If your resume is not ATS compliant, your expertise and elaborations will not be seen by a human evaluator. It's imperative to have an ATS compliant resume.

Typographical errors or unnecessary information on your resume may be responsible for your failure to get an interview. To avoid this, update your resume before submitting it to employers. A change of format could be just as effective as fixing errors. 
In order to identify errors on your resume, it is better to seek assistance from someone else because a fresh eye may spot errors you may not have seen otherwise.

Flourish Your Skills

The actual implementation of skills can be different from what you studied in your academics. Do not just stick to the thought that you have a particular skill. Instead of that, you should implement your skills to see which level of expertise to lie in. 

Socializing Or Networking

If you are the type of individual who finds it challenging to market yourself for the purpose of networking and socializing. You need to overcome such a challenge because networking could make your job-hunting task much easier. 

According to the research, about 70% of employees got their job due to networking. There are various networking platforms that you could opt for socializing or networking.
We have in-depth article that elaborates why poor job networking is killing your chances of being employed. Check it out as well.

Advance Your Skills

If you are facing continuous rejection, it is time for you to advance your resume. Considering the competition and the requirement of employers, you should be no less than your competitors. That is why you need to consider schooling yourself with new skill sets, the ones that make you stand out among others. 

Create An Effective CV or Profile

Your profile or CV serves to provide the first impression of your personality. You need to keep both of these up to date and look as professional as possible. Take time to learn and add more skills, so that you could gather more employers. 

Practicing The Interview Skills

The majority of people who can't win a job are those who can't make a good impression at their job interview. That is why you need to work on your communication skills. 

Practicing an interview with your family, peers, and other fellows can prove beneficial. This way, you would get effective criticism, that will make you see your weak areas. Your ultimate goal should be to make improvements in your overall performance.

Try A Different Industry

You might be perceiving your skills wrong the whole time. Seek a job opportunity in a new professional field. This way, you can develop a new approach for a field that is more beneficial. The career shift can be a game-changer in your life.

Evaluate And Re-plan

You cannot blindly follow one approach when finding a job. You need to evaluate and re-plan your strategies in the long run of job hunting. Take some time to examine what you are lacking, why you are failing, etc. 

This way, you get to understand the problem better, and finding a resolution for that problem becomes easy for you. 

Be Persistent And Patient

Being persistent and patient about what you are passionate about is the key to success. No matter what professional field you belong to, there would be competition.

Keep trying. If required, Settle for less. Your absolute goal should be a long-term success.

In Summary

Almost everyone has been through challenging phases before we actually got what we wanted. Stay put to your goals, no matter how challenging things get. To bring ease to your frustration, we provided you with tips that could help you find and secure a job.

If you ever wonder what to do when you cannot find a job, following these 13 tips you'll be able to find a new job faster.