How To Get Your Resume Noticed By Employers


April 16, 2022

How To Get Your Resume Noticed By Employers

How to get your resume noticed by employers

Our blog helps you find your dream job faster. If you've read our blogs, you know what we're about. We have explained to you the reasons why you can't get hired faster, and then we are going over every step in detail to overcome those challenges. Today, I will explain how to get your resume noticed by employers.

This is one of the most significant parts of the process that you should not ignore.

Do you know that 76% of resumes are abandoned and disposed of due to a disreputable email address? Do you also know that 88% of resume rejection is due to the inclusion of your picture?

Having a solution requires you to know the problem. In the last article on why you can't find a job, we wrote on why you aren't attracting the right Job? Why your Job hunt proves to be futile always. Well, the same can apply to your resume. 

In my previous point, I stated that an unprofessional email address can lead to the rejection of your resume. And over half of the resumes are rejected for that reason. What should you do to make you an attractive resume that employers notice? What are the things to incorporate in your resume? What are the things to leave out? What standard do you need to meet before submitting your resume? We will answer this and many more as you follow through this article.

This article is structured as follows:

  • First of all, we explain common reasons because of which your resume is not getting attention
  • Then, we answer important question for your take into your consideration.

The common reason why your resume is not getting attention 

There are diverse reasons why your resume isn't getting you the response you desire. Employers look for resumes that are detailed, well-structured, and attractive. Great resumes solve their problems as they pertain to the company. You have to meet the job requirements with your resume. After all, it shows your qualifications for the job. Here are a few reasons why your resume isn't getting the required attention.

Common reasons why your resume is not getting attention:

  1. Your resume is being filtered out by ATS Software
  2. Your resume is too generic
  3. Your resume needs more details
  4. Your resume has errors or is incomplete
  5. Your resume has gaps in employment

Your resume is being filtered out by ATS software

If you recall from the last article on "Why you can't find a job." In our discussion, we discussed how businesses and organizations filter resumes and CVs using ATS systems. ATS, as the name suggests, checks out your CV according to their requirements. Your CV is usually discarded, if it fails to meet the requirements of this software and fails in one or more areas. 

Your resume is too generic

A popular term states that you should avoid moving with the crowd. If your resume doesn't stand out among the many applicants, you surely won't get the necessary attention. A generic resume always involves your qualifications, work experience, and education. Employers spend only a few seconds looking over your resume; if it looks like others, they discard it immediately. 

Your resume needs more details

The worst form of a resume is an inadequate resume. You can liken it to the former point made earlier about your CV being generic. If your resume doesn't offer a solution or please the employer, it gets discarded. Make your resume detailed enough for better understanding. Make sure you tailor your CV to the job description. Express what position you would like to pursue, and include creative examples. Once they are not tailored in a format like this, you need to work on that resume. 

Your resume has errors or is incomplete

Errors only paralyze your resume and nothing more. It only occurs when you have incomplete information about the company you wish to submit. This still boils down to your research about the company you are targeting for a job. Once an employer notices an error in your resume, it's a round peg in a square hole that doesn't fit in. Employers don't have much time to waste than to move on to the next applicant. 

Your resume has gaps in employment

Don't get confused. Employment gaps occur when you were unemployed, or if your skills are no longer utilized inside a formal setting or organization. It ranges from months to years, depending on how far you've been unemployed. Hence, some employers do not use such individuals since they believe their skills are rusty or incompetent.. Yet, if it's for a few weeks, they can still overlook it and check for other qualifications. There are several ways that you lack commitment to your work. For instance:

  • Your resume shows you rarely stay at one job more than six months
  • You always arrive late at work
  • You involved yourself in many conflicts at your previous workplace
  • You do not perform well, you are disrespectful
  • You portray yourself as dishonest at your previous workplace

These are all red flags, and they show little or lack of commitment to the growth of such enterprises. I can confidently state that the reasons above are the most significant reasons why your resume does not receive any attention. Among the many reasons already discussed, there are many that are subsets. After you can recognize the flaws in your resume, what are the ways you can get your resume noticed? How can you correct your mistakes and get attention after submitting your resumes? 

Best strategies for Resumes to get you noticed and then hired 

We've come up with the best ideas and techniques to make a convincing and converting resume. As little as you may know, your resume makes a profound impact on employers. Which is why we will spend enough time-sharing tips with you on how to get the Job of your dreams. 

Best strategies for resumes to get noticed:

  1. Make your resume ATS friendly
  2. Know how far back should you go on a resume
  3. Name your resume file appropriately
  4. Limit the length of your resume
  5. Update your resume too often
  6. Include a skill section on your resume
  7. Be careful with the number of words

How are resumes supposed to look in 2022?

The 2022 resumes are focused majorly on the organization of your content. Ensure you organize your resume in this format; 

  • Your Header first then, 
  • Your resume goals or aims 
  • Your previous work experience 
  • Any other qualifications 
  • Your education status. 

Also, incorporate other ATS requirements to complement this. While you can learn all the best practices to make your resume ATS compliant, the best advice is to utilize an app for this purpose.

How far back should you go on a resume?

You should go as far as 15 years and mention experience from 3-5 different companies. This shows your skill and knowledge of the job. When you go beyond this, you risk shooting yourself in the leg since employers don't want aged people, but men who can be agile and versatile. In order to make an informed decision, you will need to consider three factors: the company, your qualifications, and your level of experience. These three steps will tailor you on how to write your resumes better. 

How to name resume file?

The best and simple way to name your resume file is using your name to name the file. It's the easiest and most formal way of naming a resume file. With this in mind, the employer will remember your resume next time and know who it belongs to at that particular moment of them seeing it. However, ensure to use the formal arrangement or rule of naming: the first name coming up first and ending with your last name, and ensure to add the term resume to distinguish your folder. Please, avoid using numbers only if requested; they are distracting and unnecessary. 

Does your resume have be one page?

A typical resume shouldn't go beyond one page. They should be as concise and precise as possible. Just ensure to use the necessary keywords and no fluff not to discourage the employer. However, you can bend the rules at times and go just less or up to 2 pages, but ensure that the employer's details are necessary and informative. As I said earlier, employers don't have much time to spare, and so once they see how cumbersome your content is, they rarely go through them. 

How often should you update your resume?

As an employed person, you should update your resume at least twice in a year. While for the unemployed, it is advisable that you update your CV as much as possible. You should check for current trends in resume writing and incorporate it into your CV. If possible, update your resume for every Job you find yourself vying for. Doing this puts you at an advantage over other applicants and, most notably, getting the Job. 

Do you need a skill section on your resume?

Yes, you need a skill section on your resume. It puts you at a better rate of getting the Job than other applicants. Include relevant skills you know will surely make you stand out from the competition, but simply list them, nothing more, nothing less. 

How many words should resume be?

Your resume shouldn't exceed 500-600 words based on research and analysis. According to the article, resumes that exceed 600 words have a 43 percent chance of getting hired. That's low once you go beyond half of the available bandwidth. Keep it short with only the required information.

In Summary

This article covered common reasons why your resume is not getting attention and ways to get this solved and hired with tips. An adage says what's worth doing at all is worth doing well, so this means if you need to get that Job, then you should indeed work for it. However, relax with your computations and research and apply the tips offered in this article. I wish you good luck in your Job hunt.