NextJobPro Helps You Get More Interview Calls

NextJobPro May 28, 2022

NextJobPro Helps You Get More Interview Calls

Getting an interview call is the first step in the hiring process, and this is the step where most job seekers get stuck. NextJobPro has solved this challenge with the help of 4 artificial intelligence-powered apps.

Getting an interview call is the first step in the hiring process, and this is the step where most job seekers get stuck. NextJobPro has solved this challenge with the help of 4 artificial intelligence-powered apps.

Why Candidates Don't Get Interview Calls

There are several reasons for this, however, the few are more important than others and also dependent on either you are applying in major corporations or medium to small organizations. The reason is that major corporations have deployed Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) in their recruitment process which screens every incoming CV against the job description. Surprisingly more than 75% of the CVs are marked junk as soon as these are received in the system.

Imagine you have just applied to your dream job but before you close your mailbox, your CV has been marked as "Not Relevant" by the ATS.

This can happen even if you are qualified for the position but your CV is not ATS Compliant. This means you may be qualified but ATS says you are not because this software robot didn't get anything valuable from your CV that is required in the job description.

So your CV never makes to any human at all.

This was the first case where major corporations have ATS installed in their recruitment process.

The second case is also not different where small to medium organizations have human resource personnel to manually review your CV. There are, however, practical constraints as far as the number of reviews is concerned. From a practical standpoint, human resources personnel cannot review all the CVs they receive against a particular job opening. This is why it is wise to capture the attention of the hiring manager right from the subject of the job application email to writing your CV.

Check out the other article about sample email to apply for a job.

But again even if you are lucky enough that your CV is reviewed by human resources personnel, if your CV does not correlate with the job description, it will be discarded.

So the key to getting an interview call is to update your CV every time you apply for a new position. Update it to reflect how your strength is quite a great match with the job requirement.

NextJobPro for Getting More Interview Calls

NextJobPro offers 4 AI-powered apps that help you across every step of your job application. All four apps are designed in a way that brings results.

  1. Finish Me
  2. Next Job
  3. Social Uplifter
  4. Geek

Finish Me

Finish Me app is a simple yet powerful to-do-list app. It helps you create tasks in pre-defined groups. For example, you can make a group of personal development and create tasks associated with this group. Similarly, you can develop a group for networking and write tasks that are associated with this group. Practically, there is no upper limit on how many groups or how many tasks you can create. Create as many as many serve you well.

The interface of this Finish-Me app is simple to follow and helps you remove clutter from your daily life.


When you go on the job hunt, the very first every job seeker should do is to enlist all the companies he/she is interested to work in. This is the list of your dream companies. NextJobPro helps you develop this list elegantly.

The second step is to find the decision-makers in these companies and enlist them in your account. Once you complete this list, you will naturally feel empowered as you have now access to the key personnel in your dream company.

Here you can also update the key facts; such as when you last contacted these contacts. Remember, networking is key in finding a job. Unless you don't have a mechanism in place that lets you track, you will make no progress. Do the networking partly elegantly, and you are the king in switching the jobs.

Now when you have a list of companies and list of key personnel in these companies, it is time to take real action: applying for real jobs. NextJobPro's Keyword Analysis tool helps you find the right keywords and key phrases from the job description. If you use these keywords and key phrases in your CV, your chances to pass through the Applicant Tracking Sysem (ATS) will be increased manifold.

More than 75% of the applications are deleted by ATS because this software thinks you are not a great match for the advertised position. Rightly so, because your CV does not contain the keywords and key skills that this software scans from your CV. This is why, it is highly recommended that you scan the job description first from the NextJobPro than update your CV based on it's recommendations.

As you keep updating your CV and keep applying, you will reach at a point that you will literally lose control of which version of CV you sent to which job. You willl also lose control of what was the job description against which you applied. Now when you get an inerview invite, you will literally feel lost that will lead to poor interview preparation.

NextJobPro gives you control to save the job descriptions and save CVs against them. Not only this, you get a full control of follow up details. Remember, wonders happen in follow-ups. Literally, stay at the top of it.

NextJobPro also helps you prepare for most repeated interview questions. When the great day comes to appear for the interview, you will be all ready to shoot for the moon. We congratulate you that you have landed your dream job.

Ever again, you are looking for career change, you entire data is safe on cloud that you can access it throughtout your entire lifetime. Next time you will no start from scratch; we start from where you left earlier. So you only go upward.

Social Uplifter

It is a common phrase that people buy from people and they buy from whom they know the best. This is networking. NextJobPro Help you shine on LinkedIn by networking. At NextJobPro we value your time, this is why we provide you provision to schedule unlimited number of posts for Linkedin. These posts will keep posting from your own account at the time your choice.

Most job seekers find it hard to write or find something valuable to share on Linkedin. Don't worry at NextJobPro. We have tons of content that you can share straight away. Good thing is we update the content on daily basis that ensure you have always access to fresh content.

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NextJobPro is a one stop shop for everybody who wants to get more interview calls and get hired faster. NextJobPro has four proprietray apps that help any job seeker to get quick results.