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Create Task Group Yes Yes Yes
Create Task Items Yes Yes Yes
Export at One Click x Yes Yes
No. of Companies Database 10 100 Unlimited
No. of Contacts Database 10 100 Unlimited
Scan Job Descriptions for Soft Skills 5 100 Unlimited
Scan Job Descriptions for Hard Skills 5 100 Unlimited
Write Bullet Items with AI for Soft Skills 5 100 Unlimited
Write Bullet Items with AI for Hard Skills 5 100 Unlimited
Number of Job Applications Tracking 10 100 Unlimited
Access to Most Repeated Interview Questions Yes Yes Yes
Save Your Answers to Most Repeated Interview Questions Yes Yes Yes
Write Tailored Answers with the Help of AI for Most Repeated Interview Questions 2 10 Unlimited

Looking for the best job search app?

Look no further than NextJobPro! With our powerful tools and features, you can take control of your career and land your dream job. Build a database of your dream companies and identify decision makers, track your job applications, and create an ATS compliant resume with AI. And with our AI-powered FAQ section, you can practice answering the most common interview questions and be fully prepared for anything that comes your way.

Nextjobpro is the best job search app that uses Artificial Intelligence to aid users in finding skills from job descriptions, creating a database of dream companies and decision-makers, tracking job applications, and preparing for interviews.

Although we cannot promise a definite timeline, numerous users have reported discovering a job within several weeks to three months of utilizing our platform.

We offer both free and paid plans to cater to your needs. The free plan allows you to explore our platform, which is still powerful enough to assist you in finding a job promptly. The paid plan includes extra features and benefits that can accelerate your path to securing a new job.

Creating an account is all you need to do to experience our platform. Our intuitive user interface makes it easy for you to navigate through different sections of the platform. It's that simple!

Our refund policy is straightforward - you can cancel any plan within the first week of activation without any questions asked. The cancellation process is easy - log in to your account, go to settings, and request a refund.