5 Best Examples Of After Interview Thank You Email with Template

NextJobPro February 05, 2022

5 Best Examples Of After Interview Thank You Email with Template

No thank you email could mean no job. This article provides you with the top 5 after-interview thank you email templates – which are ready for all occasions.

5 Best Examples Of After Interview Thank You Email With Template

Many times you will need to write a thank you email when someone does something nice to you. You do not need to write a very long thank you email, but you do need to send an email and send it within the appropriate timeframe. This article provides you all the nitty-gritty of post-interview thank you emails and enlists 5 top after-interview thank you email templates that you can use on all occasions.

At times you need to write a thank you email to your well-known, that comes in an informal language. However, while writing a thank you email to a corporate sector, especially after an interview, you have to be very careful and precise about your language and tone. After you appeared in an interview at an organization, it is always wise to send them a thank you email right after the interview.

Jessica Liebman came up with a straightforward thumb rule:  “We shouldn't move a candidate to the next stage in the interview process unless they send a thank-you email.”

No Thank You Note Could Mean No Job

Most often job seekers do not send a thank-you note in an email after the interview; the evident reason for this lazy behavior is that they do not realize the importance of it. Either you win or lose – it all depends upon whether you follow up or not and how you follow up.

You should keep in mind that sending a thank-you email after the interview is more than a polite thank-you note rather another show-up on the recruiters’ desk reminding him by demonstrating that you have nurtured professional behavior over the years. This act of the candidate boosts up their impression and there are more likely chances of favor from the employer.

It is important to note that when writing a thank you email after an interview, you need be to very formal and your tone must sound professional. This article will further explain every thick and thin of thank you email and the templates that are ready to be used in all scenarios.

We have also gathered some tips and what to include and what not to include.

Tips For Sending A Thank You Email After The Interview

  1. Do not wait too long to send the thank you email after an interview. You don’t want to look like you have no time to send the email and got other works. So you should send it right away after the interview.
  2. Do not make it too generic. Make them feel that you wrote the thank you email specifically for them.
  3. Do not talk much about yourself, your skillsets, or your experiences. They already know about you. You can share your views regarding your meeting with them or praise their workplace etc.
  4. Do not share your website or LinkedIn profile.
  5. Do not expose yourself much.
  6. Do not start admiring yourself or tell them you are the best for their company. Do not directly ask for a job from the hiring authority.

What To Include In The Subject Line Of After Interview Thank You Email

Email subject lines are first to be read by the hiring managers or decision-makers – this is why craft it carefully. The subject of an after-interview thank you email is as important as it was for the job application email. This is why it is also very important to have the correct knowledge about the main subject line of any thank you email after an interview.

Below are some examples that can you can use in the subject line of your thank you email after the interview and make your email even more interesting:

  1. Thank you – [title of the job you applied]
  2. Thank you – [your first name last name] – [title of the job you applied]
  3. Thank you for the interview

How Important Is The Post-Interview Thank You Email

Sending a thank you email might help many of you who are looking for a positive response for their job. So it is very important to send a thank you email if you want to increase the odds of getting that second interview, or maybe even a job offer. You should send this obligatory thank you email within the window of 6 to 24 hours of your interview. Address this email to the person who conducted your interview. This means that you need to make sure you are getting a business card from everyone, or at the very least, just make sure that you write down and take note of their email addresses.

A study suggested that 82 percent of the candidates who sent a thank you email after their interview did receive a response from the hiring department – so phenomenal. It is beyond doubt to say that thank you email increases the employment odds in your favor.

A Little Thanks Goes A Long Way

Moreover, it increases your awareness in the recruiter’s mind and most importantly, helps you beat your competitor easily. You will stand out differently and your chances of getting selected for the job position you applied for would be multiplied.

How To Deliver After Interview Thank You Email

There can be many ways of showing your gratitude to the hiring team. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Email a thank you letter to their email address
  2. Hand-written
  3. Send a message via phone/mobile
  4. Social media link

Take a look at this info-graphic: Email is the most preferred method of communication for after-interview thank you emails.


info-graphic after interview thank you email template

Basic Template Of Sending A Thank You Email

There are several templates you can use to write after interview thank you emails, but enlisted below are a few key takeaways that you can incorporate in your thank you emails. These are time-tested and proven notes that will make your email shine and make an impact on the hiring managers.

  1. Begin with a ‘’thank you’’ while you write your email, this justifies your kind gesture towards them.
  2. Point out some fundamental points of the conversation you had in your interview, this will remind the employer of who you are and your meeting with them.
  3. Do not boast too much about your skills and talents as it will seem like you are begging for the job and may result in a negative response.
  4. Enthusiasm – show how enthusiastic you are to meet the company manager and how pleased you will be after joining their company.
  5. Longevity – do not write prolonged sentences in your thank you email, as it leaves a dull impression on the employer.
  6. Ask simple questions if you have any, to clarify all your clarifications.
  7. Keep your email simple, short, precise, and brief, and end with an optimistic sentence.
  8. Double-check your thank you email – once you have finished writing, do give it a second look before sending it further.

After Interview Thank You Email Templates

After Interview Thank You Email Template # 1

Hello sir,

Thank you so much for granting me an opportunity to know much about your company. It was a real pleasure to learn about the HR department of your organization and I am highly excited to join your team very soon and be a part of it.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and you may connect with me anytime for any additional information.

Best Regards,

Your Email Signature

After Interview Thank You Email Template # 2

Hello Mr. Warmwood,

It was a great pleasure to be at your office today. Thank you so much for inviting me over and learn about your team and business. I highly appreciate the efforts you put in to bring your business in the streamline and wish you great success. I look forward to your reply and wish to work with your team and be a part of your success. If you need any other details regarding anything, please do let me know. Have a great day.


Your Email Signature

After Interview Thank You Email Template # 3

Hi (name),

Thank you so much for taking out time to meet with me today. I enjoyed our conversation today, especially (a topic you discussed).

I am very much ecstatic about this opportunity, and I look forward to hearing about the next steps.

All the best,

Your Email Signature

After Interview Thank You Email Template # 4

Hi (name),

I am glad that we finally got to meet in person! Thank you for taking the time to meet me and show me some of your business perks and the main aims of the business. The team manager confirmed that you all will reach out on Friday and so I look forward to hearing back. I am highly interested in working with your prestigious organization.

All the best,

Your Email Signature

After Interview Thank You Email Template # 5

Hi (name),

It was great to meet you yesterday, thank you for taking the time to get to know me! It was amazing to hear your business perspective. I feel great after my visit yesterday, and I hope the feeling is mutual. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

All the best,

Your Email Signature


These are the 5 best templates of after-interview thank you emails. These templates cover three fundamental factors: They showed gratitude, enthusiasm, and personalization. You need to value the conversation you had with the hiring person, compliment their work ethic, and show very high enthusiasm.

The catch-phrases can be of great help: such as great meeting with you, thank you, and great speaking to you, and individual’s name. Now you have the knowledge, templates, and the roadmap to craft your own after interview thank you email or tailor these samples to meet your needs.


Thank you emails after the interviews serve a specific purpose: it reminds interviewers that you are organized, well mannered, and eager to join their organization. By sending this thank you note in the email, you have ensured that additional odds that could have been on your way to your next job are now removed. You are now equipped with the perfect knowledge and the ready templates for the post-interview thank you emails are at your disposal that you can tailor whenever you need them.

Wishing you the best of luck with your Next Job!